A Brand You Can Relate To! 

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“Don't let your mind Bully your body ”

Hey Dimes! I am honored to have you here at Dime Closet. My mission is to provide my Dimes a brand that you can relate to. When it comes to fashion and clothes they do not always go together. Dime Closet is your one stop from everyday wear to night wear. When it comes to women bodies our body shifts weights for many reasons. I am here to let you know just because, your body changes. It do not mean it's time let yourself go! We encourage you too express yourself through fashion. LOVE YOURSELF, EMBRACE YOURSELF, UPLIFT YOURSELF, and remember Dime Closet is here to provide you confident pieces. 

Our Story

Dime Closet all started from a realization I can't find what I like. It hit me even harder when I was pregnant with my first son. I was looking for clothes that will fit comfortable but, look good. Maternity clothing is not very flattering. Most maternity outfits do not have any style to them pretty straight forward. I decided to create a brand that was based off my personal experience with clothing. With a lot of thinking and patience I picked/created pieces that are suitable for women that can relate. 

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Our mission

Dime Closet is all about women empowerment we want to encourage women to feel sexy in their own skin. Who cares what people think about your outfit. Enjoy yourself and feel good from inside and out. Life is too short to worry. Dramatic changes happens everyday in our life it's up to you how you going to handle it. We recommend expressing yourself through fashion. 


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