True Meaning of Dime Closet

       Dime means many different things to many different people,but here at Dime Closet it has a bigger meaning. As the owner of Dime Closet I decided to use the word Dime for a big reason. I would like to start on a little story about a young girl name Jasmin Ross (Me). I love fashion since I could remember since I was 11 years old. I was so obsessed watching America Next Top Model. I would dress up and walk up and down the hallway like if I was in a runway. Let me tell you I took my runway walk so serious. I ended up walking everywhere like if I was in a runway lol. My love for modeling grew and also fashion did too. Fashion became one of my hidden passions as a young girl.

      As any young girl at that age my fashion sense had no sense at all. Neon became my obsession I had neon socks up to neon nails. Once I became a teenager crop tops and tying my shirt was a must. I just liked how it looked on me and felt like it was flattering on my figure. As older I got I started to wear more crop tops and tight fitting outfits. At that time I did not think nothing much of it. I was just enjoying expressing myself through my clothing. Yes they were cute outfits I would get so many compliment, but what really caught my attention was what women or girls would say to me afterwards. For instance, one day I was just walking at the Fashion Square mall in Scottsdale, AZ. My outfit included white lace bodysuit with heels. If you are not aware about white lace bodysuit is basically lingerie. I was confident enough to wear that out in public without any nipple coverage. While I was walking this women approach me and said "You go girl if I had a body like that I would wear that too ! " then I chuckled a little and said thank you. Ever since I would continuously get similar comment like this. As a caring person I didn't understand why women were so scared to wear something they wanted to wear. Dime Closet is my secret weapon to help women or anybody to get out of their comfort zone. Dime closet represent women who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their fashion.

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