How To: Build Confidence After Pregnancy

by Jasmin Ross

Jasmin Ross - Jan 01 2020

HOW TO: Build Confidence After Pregnancy 

Latley on social media for me it seems so many women are getting a BBL ( Brazilian But Lift) or a tummy tuck. Coming from someone who just had a baby and basically losing my old body. I went from weighing 115 pounds to 160 pounds gaining that much weight made a huge impact on my body. ( PICS BELOW)

During my pregnancy I did not care how much weight I was gaining. My mind was focused on having a healthy pregnancy. While I was looking at these BBL transformations many thoughts would come to me. One of them were " Maybe I do need one to look more attractive" or "Be more happy". Being insecure about my body after giving birth definitely hit me very hard. It would be times that I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror or be seen in public. I shut down... lost all of my confidence I once had.

I did learn feeling this way after giving birth is very common . I know there are women out there who can relate. After giving birth it's common to have so many mixed emotions. You start to over thinking a lot and things become very overwhelming. In reality giving birth is dramatizing to our bodies but, still so amazing. Think about it and take a minute to realize what you have accomplished. Then thank your body for being so STRONG and AMAMZING. Check out these 6 ways to build confidence after pregnancy. 


Dress The Part
There would times that I would hold off on buying new clothes just because I did not think it would look good. Which is not healthy to look at that way. At that point you will always be scared to buy new clothes you love. Turn that switch off by buying what fits you now. For instance, recently I bought this dress I was so excited to try on but, I did not fit me at all. I was very disappointed I actually bought a SMALL, which was a size that I was before my pregnancy. Changing your mindset into buying clothes in you right size. Then looking DAMN GOOD in it will not just have people eyes glued to you but, it will send a positive message to yourself.

Positive Thoughts
Always remind yourself how much good your body has done for you. For instance, your hands they help you grab and move things around. Unfortunately, not everyone has that same advantage. Another way to think positive is to remind yourself how beautiful you are in and out.

This may seem very obvious but, it's not to everyone. How exercise can help you it's not just physically but, mentally. There are studies showing women who exercise are most likely to retained less weight, more engaged, and answer better postpartum questionnaires. Once we start exercising we are starting to think more positive. For instance, you have to start believing in yourself that you can achieve your body goal. My personal experiences with exercises I do see a difference in my mindset. I start to feel really good about myself and it's a stress reliever. Last advice is to stick to exercises you are most comfortable with.

Do What You Enjoy
Having a new baby for the first couple of weeks is so exciting. You just don't want to leave your baby alone. Their will be days that it's going to feel overwhelming. PLEASE REMEMBER to take time to yourself and do what you enjoy. Highly recommend making yourself a priority. It can be as small as watching tv or getting your nails done. Treating yourself to something nice is very much needed.  
No Comparisons
I am guilty of this to with social media in our hands and BBL it makes it even easier to start comparing your body. ALWAYS REMEMBER WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT! Nobody is the same. Focus on your body and focus on being healthy and happy. Anything else will come behind all of that.